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■Organic Moringa Vegan Capsules 500mg

■ contains 47 different antioxidants

■ Perfect for helping fight cancer due to very high antioxidants content

■ Anti ageing

■ Lowers cholesterol

■ Very powerful detoxifier

■ Great for depression and anxiety

■ Good for pregnant and lactating women

■ Can help treat minor infections

■ Aids in controlling blood pressure

■ Improves immune system

■ Packed with Vitamins

Ingredients - 100% Organic Moringa / Vegan capsules


One of nature's most nutritious foods available, Moringa contains a wealth of essential vitamins and minerals, including vitmains A, B, B1, B2, B3, B6 and C. It supports: Healthy cholesterol levels Healthy metabolism Promotes normal hormone function Supports healthy skin Effective in combating anemia Sustains energy levels throughout the day Aids in weight loss by curbing appetite Increases libido and performance Promotes vastly improved sleep

Moringa Capsules - Organic

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Organic Moringa Vegan Capsules 500mg

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