How to make Sea moss Gel

Below we describe how to make Sea moss Gel. Why on earth would i want to make Sea moss Gel your probably thinking. First of all its super rich in Nutrients, it contains 92 out of 102 of our bodies required nutrients, it would be easier to list the ones id doesn't contain instead of saying what it has!

The benefits of seamoss include improved energy, i can vouch for this personally. It's also very good for removing mucus from your body (said to be the cause of most disease) 

Because of the high nutrient content if helps restore all the nutrients you may be

deficient in when consumed daily, defficiency in nutrients / vitamins can cause and incredible ammount of health problems including mental health issues, this means sea moss is a great plant to consume for anxiety and depression and can help give you a mental clarity boost needed to get yourself back on your feet.

Seamoss is also great for digestion and managing a healthy cholesterol. 


Step 1.

Clean Your Seamoss

Step one is washing your seamoss, this is to remove all the salt and anything else on it as our seamoss is wildcrafted and fresh out the ocean! youll want to rinse it through a sieve properly.

Step 2

Soak your moss

Step two is simple, you soak your seamoss in a big bowl full of water. remember to use distilled or spring water and not tap water as it contains fluoride. 

You want to soak it for 12-16 Hours. Tip: You can add fresh lime to balance the taste out


Step 3

Making the gel

Here you just need a blender. The water left from soaking is packed full of nutrients but also has a slight fishy taste to it, you can use this for added health beenfits or use fresh water for a better taste.

Add your Sea moss to the blender, i usually fill the container im going to store it in 4/5th of the way full, then make sure the seamoss is above the water. add any other ingredients, black seed oil is a good one to add. then blend for around 60 seconds.

Step 4

Storing Your Gel

This part is the easiest, simple empty the contents of your blender into a sealed glass jar and then store in the fridge, it should take a more gel like form after a few hours. Sea moss gel is good in the fridge for 30 days and in the freezer for 3 months, Adding certain fruits can make your seamoss gel go off faster so do your research before adding!


jar 2.jpg