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■ Organic Reishi Vegan Capsules 500mg

■ Boosts immune system

■ Helps slow aging

■ Aids in rapid wound healing

■ Anti viral activity

■ Detoxifies the liver

■ Increase stamina

■ Improve circulation

■ Improve blood flow

■ Prevents clumping of platelets

■ Reduces systematic inflammation

■ Increases natural killer cell activity

■ Reduces side effects from chemotherapy and radiation

■ Helps with Cancer, Migraines, Diabetes , Alzheimers, Bronchitis, High blood pressure, High cholesterol , Candida or yeast infections

Ingredients - 100% Organic Reishi / Vegan capsules

Reishi Capsules - Organic

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Organic Reishi Vegan Capsules 500mg.

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