• Shower Filter 15 Stage to Remove Chlorine and Fluoride, High Output with Vitamin C for Hard Water, 2 Cartridges Included, Consistent Water Flow Showerhead Filter

  • 💧 HEALTH CARE: Your skin should have pure, impurity-free and healthy water. This filter has 15 levels of filtering function to make skin smoother and hair brighter
  •  HIGH-EFFICIENCY FILTRATION: metal deposits in tap water make our skin full of hazards. The filter has the function of removing chlorine and fluorine, making your shower safe and pleasant
  • 💧This water filter cartridge is the most convenient model on the market, suitable for any standard hose interface, no tools, manual installation, handheld, shower filter type and combined type, convenient for multi-functional family use
  • 💧 HEALTH INVESTMENT: Purified water is close to human cell water and has health care functions. It can not only activate cells and enhance immunity, but also contains high oxygen content, which can inhibit bacteria. It is worth your lifetime investment

Shower Filter -Flouride & Chlorine