■ Organic Beetroot Vegan Capsules 500mg

■ Helps lower blood pressure

■ Boosts health and function

■ Improves athletic performance

■ Fights inflammation

■ Supports liver health

■ Encourage weight loss

■ Increase stamina

■ Improves muscle strength

■ Naturally detoxifies

■ Packed full of vitamins

■ Helps with erectile dysunction by promoting a healthy blood flow

Ingredients - 100% Organic Beetroot / Vegan capsules


One of the most nutritious vegetables in existence, beetroot is packed with vitamins, minerals and an army of health-boosting compounds. As well as being a fantastic source of folate (vitamin B9), beetroot is also extremely high in nitrates, which have been proven to lower blood pressure. Nitrates are powerful vasodilators which means they expand your blood vessels (termed vasodilation) to allow more oxygen-rich blood to reach working muscles. This can help improve athletic performance and stamina, while lowering blood pressure at the same time. It’s no wonder that so many professional sports stars and athletes swear by the nutritional benefits of beetroot

Organic Beetroot Vegan Capsules

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  • Organic Beetroot Vegan Capsules 500mg

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