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■Organic Baobab Vegan Capsules 500mg

■ Boost immune system

■ Slow energy release

■ Can help reduce blood sugars

■ Improves absorption of iron

■ Can boost your digestive health

■ Prebiotic and great for gut health

■ Great for skin due to high antioxidant content

■ Helps with pregnancy by boosting vitamin c intake

■ High alkaline which helps balance your Ph levels

■ Great for pre/post workout


Ingredients - 100% Organic Baobab / Vegan capsules


Our Baobab is a certified organic, nutritious and versatile superfood, containing a high level of Vitamin C. Baobab is naturally rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C – 6 x more than oranges; Calcium – 6 x more than milk, Potassium – 3 x more than bananas and Magnesium - 3 x more than avocados

Baobab Capsules - Organic

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Organic Baobab Vegan Capsules 500mg

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